Upending the LGBT Paradigm

Biblical sexual beliefs and LGBT sexual beliefs are locked in mortal combat. While discrimination law requires that proponents of each of these beliefs are to be treated equally, the LGBT community has claimed protected minority status so that any expression of Biblical sexual beliefs is treated as a direct attack on the LGBT community.

It is much easier than you would think to upend this paradigm by demanding the equal treatment that discrimination law claims to provide, but it requires a flag representing our values as an intermediate goal.

You have witnessed the forest of Gay Pride flags spreading further into, for example, public schools. It is possible to craft a flag that represents our beliefs but constrain the definition so that it has the identical legal status of the Pride flag.

The key to this flag is its terse two-point definition: “(1) Sex outside of a man and woman united in marriage is morally wrong. (2) It is morally wrong to change or choose your gender.” I propose the Historical Family flag; a flag with linked male and female symbols and the website HistoricalFamily.com on it to direct people to its fixed meaning.

When the LGBT community showers their opponents with invective such as “haters,” “homophobes,” or “bigots” they are collectively calling those who hold opposing beliefs “morally wrong.” Since flags of both sides convey that their values are morally right and those of the opposition are morally wrong, these positions are morally equivalent for discrimination law purposes and the flags that convey these beliefs must be treated equally.

So yes, if a place covered by discrimination law, such as a school, flies, promotes, or allows the Pride flag, civil rights law requires that they do the same with the Historical Family flag otherwise they are discriminating against advocates of our flag and making them feel “unwelcome and uninvited.”

But the best way to place these flags in schools is to ask permission from school authorities. If they consent, go ahead and distribute/display our flag as freely as Pride flags are, but if they say “no” you have risked nothing and can ask a legal foundation to pursue a discrimination lawsuit on your behalf. Would a high court rule that a school can be flooded with Pride flags but still exclude dissenting Historical Family flags?

Can we move beyond the threadbare claim that the Pride flag somehow promotes “diversity?” Are the neo-Nazis part of this diversity? If yes, why would anyone support it?” If they are excluded, it is not diversity. Rather it is iron-fisted conformity equating anyone who does not pander to their ideology with neo-Nazis. The Pride flag is not about diversity; it’s about power. 

Once we establish that a person has a legal right to display a flag meaning, “This is morally wrong” a person articulating the same message in the same venue would have the same protection and our side will have achieved the same legal rights as those on the opposing side enjoy.

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